Invited Speakers

The following keynote speakers were invited to the conference:

Professor Mahesan Niranjan Professor Mahesan Niranjan
School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS)
University of Southampton

Title:"Machine Learning in Computational Biology" (Slides with Animation, 2 Slides per Page without Animation)

Abstract: Machine learning is about extracting useful information from large and complex data-sets. Nowadays, with rapid growth in instrumentation, our ability to archive and distribute vast volumes of data and the willingness to share it, biology is becoming an exciting source of challenging machine learning problems. In this talk I will give a tutorial level introduction to the subject with particular focus on the regulation of cellular protein levels, embryonic development and systems level analysis of biological function.

Bio: Prof Niranjan joined the University of Southampton in February 2008 as a professor in the School of Electronics and Computer Science and served as Head of the Information: Signals, Images and Systems (ISIS) research group. Prior to joining Southampton, Prof Niranjan have worked for the University of Cambridge as a Lecturer in Information Engineering 1990-1998), and the University of Sheffield as Professor of Computer Science (1999-2007). At Sheffield he also served as Head of Computer Science (Feb 2002 - Aug 2004) and Dean of Engineering (Aug 2006 - Jan 2008). He is Chair of Staff Student Liaison Committee of the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton.

Nick ColemanNick Coleman
Global Head of Cyber Security Intelligence, IBM
Permanent Stakeholder, European Security Agency (ENISA)

Title: "Cyber Security: What does the data tell us?"

Abstract: Cyber attacks dominate the headlines. This lecture will look at what we can understand from events, attacks and incidents, and the data behind them. We will look at whether the data we have can help us understand the nature of the problem? How the data we can collect and analyse today can help us understand the challenges we face. Then at the end the lecture will look to the future in terms of both the challenges and the opportunities that data will offer.

Bio: Nick Coleman is Cyber Security Intelligence Services Head at IBM. Previously he was the UK Government Reviewer of Security and authored the 'Coleman Report'. He is an Honorary Professor at Lancaster University. He also serves on the EU Security Agency (ENISA) permanent stakeholders group. He is a founder of ExtraPaddle the mentoring platform which enables people to engage 3 hours a year to find / assist others with growth, knowledge and connections for their journeys.